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Man says he watched as mailman killed his dog

Nala (source: WXIX) Nala (source: WXIX)
Nelson Hamm (source: WXIX) Nelson Hamm (source: WXIX)

KENTON HILLS, KY (WAVE) - A northern Kentucky man said he watched as a mailman ran over his family's golden retriever repeatedly, killing the dog.

The postal service in Kenton Kills is investigating the 3-year-old dog's death, but the dog's owners said the incident was no accident.

Nelson Hamm said his dog, Nala, had been following the mail carrier and got near the small postal vehicle when the employee drove off.

Hamm said the vehicle ran over Nala and got stuck so the mail carrier rocked it back and forth over the dog until the tire finally spun free.

Nala made it to her feet and walked toward the house, but Hamm said it was too late.

He said the mailman went up the street and went about his business like nothing happened.

When Hamm's three grandchildren came home they had to listen to their grandfather explain how Nala died.

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