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WAVE 3 Editorial Responses: June 12, 2012

By Ken Selvaggi
WAVE 3 Vice President and General Manager

Our "Assessing Standards" editorial brought this response from Mandy: "Yes, our students will be competing more and more with those from other countries, but the American education system is nothing like theirs. Our government's education reform policies are what continue to hold our children back. Simply changing the standards and holding only one group accountable for education our children will not work. It hasn't yet!"

Jim disagreed with our guest editorial on Brownsboro Road, emailing "All the traffic engineers agree that the safety improvements will just slow down the speedsters and improve pedestrian safety. Only leery business owners and speeders are objecting!"

And our "Taking Back Our Neighborhoods" editorial brought this feedback: "Using tax dollars to provide an indoor environment to conduct the drug trades in not the answer. Parents need to spend time with their kids, not send them off to the boys and girls club. People need to take back their neighborhood, not expect someone to finance it for them."

We appreciate all of your feedback to our editorials and welcome your ideas for topics.       

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