Police: Victim shot nine times after love triangle

Frank Knapp (Source: Hardin County Detention Center)
Frank Knapp (Source: Hardin County Detention Center)
Robert Tarafa (Source: Hardin County Detention Center)
Robert Tarafa (Source: Hardin County Detention Center)
Apartments where the shooting happened.
Apartments where the shooting happened.

ELIZABETHTOWN, KY (WAVE) - Police have revealed what they believe prompted a deadly shooting in Elizabethtown over the weekend.

"This is the result of someone making an extremely bad choice to get into an argument over a girl," said Virgil Willoughby with the Elizabethtown Police Department.

Police say that's what started everything inside of apartment #18 off of East Memorial Drive just before 11 o'clock Friday evening.

"It was a heated argument and before you know some fists had been thrown and weapons had been pulled out," Willoughby said.
Officers say it would end with 26-year-old Robert Tarafa shooting 32-year-old Frank Knapp nine times all over his body.
"Mr. Knapp was shot several times inside the apartment and falls outside the apartment and then he is shot several more times," Willoughby said.
Donna Murray lives next door to the apartment where everything happened late Friday night.
"I was laying here on the couch and I heard a bunch of commotion on this wall and I thought they were coming through this wall," Murray said.
She then looked to see what caused the ruckus and never expected what would happen next.
"The shooter comes out right behind him and just starts shooting and when the first shot went off I just ran inside my house and closed my door," Murray said.
Police say Tarafa then ran away, but a friend gave police his phone number.
"The trooper then actually called Mr. Tarafa and talked him down and he gave himself up without incident," Willoughby said.
While waiting for paramedics, a nurse living at the complex came rushing to help Knapp.
"He had just been shot," the nurse said.
She tried to help Knapp, but he wouldn't make it.
"I was just putting direct pressure on an artery that was bleeding out," the nurse said, who didn't want to give her name.
Residents agree it's a late Friday night they'll never forget.
"I still picture the guy coming out and the other guy coming out and just [shooting him] and the guy just laying on the ground. I don't have nightmares thank goodness but I still picture what happened," Murray said.

Tarafa has a lengthy criminal history and is expected back in court later this month.
Neighbors say Knapp leaves behind a young daughter.

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