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WAVE 3 Guest Editorial – June 14, 2012: Child Abuse and Neglect

By Erin Frazier, M.D.
Partnership to Eliminate Child Abuse

Each year in Kentucky, between 30 and 40 children die from child abuse and neglect, ranking our state among the worst in the nation. Indiana has had similar challenges in recent years. Many of these children are treated at Kosair Children's Hospital and University of Louisville pediatric clinics, so we see first-hand the devastation and heartbreak for children and families caused by this completely preventable problem.

It is critical that we band together, as health care professionals, educators, lawmakers, business leaders and community members, to eliminate this horrible blight on our region. So what can you do?

First, be aware of tips and steps to staying in control to prevent abuse.

[Tips for eliminating child physical abuse]

Second, know how to report suspected child abuse. Federal and state laws require that you report any suspected child abuse.

[How to report suspected child abuse]

Third, know where to find more information about resources and child abuse prevention. Prevent Child Abuse Kentucky and Prevent Child Abuse Indiana provide a wealth of helpful information.

[Resources for child abuse prevention]

By working together, we can make a true difference to protect our children and their families by eliminating child abuse forever.

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