Day care van crash; Brian Williams' challenge; Weather tour

Janelle MacDonald
Janelle MacDonald

We've made it through another week!

Isn't it crazy how summer is flying by?  Take a break and make plans to join Dawne Gee and me for WAVE 3 News at 5!

We're getting new information in about what police are looking into as a cause of that day care van crash earlier this week that sent more than a dozen kids to the hospital and killed an adult.  WAVE 3's Jaimie Weiss will bring us up to date on what she's learned.

Plus, the jury that will decide if a Clark County woman tried to overdose her ailing husband will get the case this afternoon.  WAVE 3's Katie Bauer was there as Diane Simpson took the stand to tell her side of the case.

You probably saw Dawne sitting down with NBC Nightly News' Brian Williams yesterday.  If not, you have to watch the story!  Today, Dawne talks to Brian about a challenge he has for all of us … and a look ahead to Decision 2012.

And, I just watched WAVE 3 Chief Meteorologist Kevin Harned walk out the door for the latest stop on the WAVE 3 Weather Tour.  Join him as he hits the road!

We'll see you at 5!

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