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Verdict reached in trial of nurse accused of neglecting ailing husband

JEFFERSONVILLE, IN (WAVE) – The jury has found Diane Simpson not guilty of neglecting her ailing husband.

The jury in the case against Diane started deliberating around 4:30 Friday afternoon and reached a verdict just two hours later. 

They had to decide if Diane neglected her husband Ronald Simpson in a way that caused bodily harm. Clark County Prosecutor Jeremy Mull says she did.

Diane is a nurse and was working in a nursing home.The couple was married for 17 years and lived in Clarksville.

The prosecutor argues in November of 2011, Diane called Ron's four children to let them know that their father was dying. Ron had his share of health problems dealing with diabetes, a lung disease, and was losing his vision. Ron's children all testified that once they got to his home, their father's blood sugar and oxygen were dangerously low. They testified Diane didn't want to call an ambulance and kept giving Ron excessive amounts of morphine.

Defense attorney John Grannon argues that Diane was a caring wife who loved her husband. Diane took the stand in her own defense and told jurors she was honoring Ron's wishes by not letting him go back to the hospital. She stated that Ron's children were not telling the truth.

Ron passed away earlier this year from skin cancer, but not before he gave a taped deposition stating that he believed his wife wanted him dead.

His daughter, Teresa McMurry, says she hopes for justice in this case. 

"I would like for her not to be able to practice ever again as a nurse and I would like to see her do some time," said McMurry. "I  think that would be left up to the judge on the length of the time, but with her being a nurse, I think she knew what she was doing. "

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