Father's Day Death, Exclusive from Henryville and More.

Dawne Gee
Dawne Gee

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A day of celebration turned into tragedy this weekend.   Christopher Allen Coy was arrested Father's Day for the death of his one-month-old son Christopher.  The child died due to blunt force trauma to the head.  Investigators are now trying to determine exactly what happened to the infant.  WAVE 3's David Williams  will bring you the latest.

The State Fair Board is going back to the drawing board as they look for a way to re-open the former Kentucky Kingdom.  The Koch Family killed the deal for Bluegrass Boardwalk to take over the former amusement park, killing the dream of the return of teen jobs and family fun.  WAVE 3's Scott Reynolds takes a look at what's happening now and what's next for the old park.

It's one of the hardest things a Mom has to do……"Give Birth".  One local hospital is making women feel more like a queen before they leave with that little bundle of joy instead of a tired new Mom.  WAVE 3's Lori Lyle takes us to the place where motherhood and pampering go hand in hand.

New information recently released, shows age and increased dosage of birth control pills can lead to the increase of some health risk in women.  The risk can as much as double.  The health risk can also be fatal.  While the pill may prevent pregnancy, physicians want to make sure women are aware of the risk as well.

A WAVE 3 News EXCLUSIVE at 5!!  Henryville is working hard to get back on track and get their kids back in school for the next school year.  We will take you inside to see the progress that has been made and the pride the city feels as they rebuild.

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