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Teens investigated for stealing, killing kitten

The four kittens that are still alive. The four kittens that are still alive.
The barn where the kittens were stolen from. The barn where the kittens were stolen from.

LA GRANGE, KY (WAVE) - Outside a barn on Fox Trial Drive in La Grange where a litter of kittens wait for new homes, a small wooden cross sits as a reminder of one who will not get that chance.

"I'm an animal lover through and through," said owner Lynne Robinson. "To have this happen is devastating. I mean it goes right to the core."

Robinson took the kittens from an elderly friend and promised to find them families. She gave one with a bad eye to a 16-year-old neighbor down the street.

In the early morning of Friday, June 15, that girl's 17-year-old friend allegedly went back to Robinson's barn. She said the teenagers broke out the screen, went inside her barn, took four of the kittens  and took off.

Later in the day police returned to Robinson's home. Three of the kittens were still alive. One was in a bag.

"And I just looked at it and burst into tears," Robinson said. "It was bleeding from its paws, its mouth, its side."

Oldham County Police said they are investigating five teens, two 18-year-olds and three juveniles, who were there. Police would not say what happened because the investigation is still open. But we discovered Facebook postings that may tell the story.

A 17-year-who we won't identify because he's a minor wrote:

"We just took them without asking and everyone was drunk."

He said the teens carried the four kittens to the neighbors back yard. Then he wrote 18-year-old Tanner Hublar, decided to toss one of the kittens into the swimming pool.

"Tanner decided to throw the cat really high and expected it to land in the water but it flew over the pool and hit the ground. So me and Tanner ran over to the cat and picked it up, took it over to the patio and realized it was paralyzed with a broken back or neck. So I put it out of its misery."

The 17-year-old wrote he did that by dropping the kitten on its head. But Robinson said investigators told her, the two and a half month old met a much more violent end.

"He just took a garden tool and just beat the living you know what out of it," Robinson said.

The mother of the neighbor involved said all of this makes her sick.

"For someone to come over to our house and do this is just devastating," she said by phone.

She said it happened when she and her husband were at work and that she's filed trespassing charges against Hublar for being on her property without her permission. The cats, including the one with the bad eye her daughter adopted, have all been returned to Robinson.

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