Father appears in court after six-week-old son died

Christopher Coy being transported in Madison.
Christopher Coy being transported in Madison.
Baby Christopher Coy (Source: Betty Beach)
Baby Christopher Coy (Source: Betty Beach)

MADISON, IN (WAVE) - The father of an southern Indiana infant, who died after being in his care, appeared in court Monday.

30-year-old Christopher Coy's family said they are standing by Coy's side.

"Everything was going good. His life was on the right track. He was so happy with the way things were going," Tiffany McCleery, Coy's sister said.

Coy was arrested Sunday in connection with the death of his son.

"It is a freak accident," McCleery said emphatically. "My brother would never do anything to hurt his children. Not only his children, but anyone else's children."

Coy's son, six-week-old Christopher Coy, died at  Kosair Children's Hospital two weeks ago. Prosecuting attorney Chad Lewis said a CT scan discovered a skull fracture, brain bleeding and hemorrhaging.

Authorities are working to figure out exactly what happened. Lewis said Coy told investigators this was an accident. That he had slipped on the stairwell and dropped the child in a baby carrier down a flight of stairs.

"Initially, it appears that his story or the version provided by Mr. Coy is inconsistent with medical findings," said Lewis. "The medical examiner's office ruled the cause of death to be blunt force trauma and the manner of death to be homicide."

McCleery said "It's insanely frustrating to put 'murderer or homicide' and my brother's name in the same sentence. There's absolutely no doubt in my mind that Christopher would do anything less than  taking care of his kids."

Coy's family is sharing their side of the story. They are supporting Coy who they say is a good father. Lynn Coldiron is 30-year-old Christopher Coy's mother.

"He fell down the stairs with the baby. If you've seen the steps, there's no banister on it. None. It comes in a sharp L shape. He tripped and he fell with the baby," Coldiron said.

Aaron Wood is Coy's brother. "You know the look in his eyes when there's pain. You see that it's an accident. It's an accident plain and simple," said Aaron Wood, Coy's brother. "It's no murder, it's no homicide. It's nothing like that it's made out to be."

As the investigation continues, so does the frustration for the Coy family as they cope with the loss of a tiny loved one.

"There's no way that my brother did this intentionally," McCleery asserted. "It's just not possible. Accidents happen every day. This just happens to be one of those accidents that people are going to constantly do judgement on. But, there's no way my brother did this."

Coy pleaded not guilty to the charge of neglect of a dependent resulting in death in court. His bond is set at $500,000 assurance bond.

Coy's trial is set for October 9, 2012 at 9 a.m.

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