School buses taken for joyrides in central Kentucky

The lot where the buses were taken.
The lot where the buses were taken.

HARRODSBURG, KY (WAVE) - Someone in Harrodsburg, Kentucky has been taking schools buses for overnight joyrides.

Officials said it started when a bus was taken out of the Mercer County garage and driven around the lot. Then it happened at least three more times.

The joyrides have cost the school system more than $10,000 in repairs to fix the five buses that have been damaged.

"These juveniles are out, running around town with them and they don't know how to operate them and it's pretty clear by the damage that's been done," said Thomas Fournier, Harrodsburg Police Department.

Investigators are not saying how the suspects are getting the buses to start, but the school system is looking into making changes on how they are started.

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