U of L Swimmers give back to community before heading to Olympics

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - When you're watching the Olympics on WAVE 3 in just a few weeks, make sure you keep an eye out for some local talent. Carlos Almeida and Pedro Oliveira learned just a couple days ago that they in fact will be swimming in the 2012 London Olympics.

Before leaving though, they found time to answer questions for kids in summer camp at Douglas Community Center. "I think it would be pretty cool to go into the Olympics. They must be really good," says Molly Mcinnis before getting her picture signed. "It's great to give back to the community. If there's anyone who appreciates us it's the little kids. They're so kind," says Oliveira.

It also gives them a chance to think about something other than their Olympic meets. Between the two of them, they'll be competing in five meets. The 100 and 200 breast stroke for Almeida and the 100 and 200 backstroke and 200 butterfly for Oliveira. It'll be the second time for both. "That's why I hope for this one to be way better. I won't be nervous or I will be, but not as much," says Almeida.

They also have four years of training at U of L this time around. "That's why I'm so anxious to swim in Olympics," says Almeida. "(To) Show the world what we do here in Louisville."

Since they're still so young, neither say they expect to medal, but both hope to finish at least in the top 16. No matter how they do, you can bet the kids from Douglas Community Center will be proud.

Almeida and Oliveira join their fellow U of L swimmer Joao De Lucca who will be swimming for his home country of Brazil.

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