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New Albany man accused of molesting 3 children

John LaBoa (Source: Floyd County Jail) John LaBoa (Source: Floyd County Jail)

NEW ALBANY, IN (WAVE) – A New Albany man has been arrested for molesting three young children.

John LaBoa, 58, is behind bars in Floyd County. The young victims in this case are 11 and 8 years old and it is a crime that has sickened a neighborhood.

It does not take long to realize Linden Street is home to a lot of children. "All these children around here playing and we have something like that going on in the neighborhood, that's just, I mean it gives me chills," said Michael Branch, neighbor. "See the chills, I got chills on my arms."

To say the least, neighbors are shocked and disgusted about the serious allegations against LaBoa.

"It's just appalling, I just can't believe it," said Bill Gee.

Three young girls came forward to New Albany Police. Court documents show, during the victims' spring break, they were with LaBoa. They told police that he made them take baths together and watch pornographic movies.  

One victim told an investigator that she was touched inappropriately and was told by LaBoa not to talk about it.

The documents go on to say LaBoa is accused of making the girls sleep naked, kissing and touching them inappropriately and making them perform sexual acts on him.

"It's horrible for someone to do that to a child," said Branch. "I mean it is just ridiculous."

It is unclear what the relationship was between LaBoa and the victims. At the time of the accusations, neighbors said he lived alone. His daughter, her husband and their children recently moved in with him from out of state. 

To neighbors, this was a man they did not know much about. "Everybody wondered about what's up, but nobody really knew," said Dustin Amy, neighbor.

LaBoa is charged with five counts of child molesting. He is being held on a $300,000 bond.

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