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Large, early morning crowd in PRP concerns neighbors

A screen shot of cell phone video of the large crowd A screen shot of cell phone video of the large crowd
Marianne Buchheit Marianne Buchheit
Eddy  Baldauf Eddy Baldauf

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - Neighbors said they'd never seen anything like it: a large crowd of people outside a skating rink off Dixie Highway in Louisville early Sunday morning. Some neighbors said the crowd was out of control.

WAVE 3 received several calls from people wondering what was going on outside the Pleasure Ridge Park skating rink. A WAVE 3 viewer showed us video that was taken early Sunday morning . In it, what appear to be a large crowd and police cars can be seen.

Boneheadz Pub co-owner Eddy Baldauf described what he said happened at the neighboring skating rink. "I came out and went next door, and when I turned the corner, it was like Armageddon, really," Baldauf said. "I would say from anywhere from 150 to 300 teenaged children, 7, 8 fights breaking out."

Louisville Metro Police said they got a call about 2 a.m. Sunday about a group of unruly people at a party on Farnsley near Dixie Highway.

"It was a riot, that's the best way I could put it. It was an absolute riot," Baldauf said.

Marianne Buchheit was up the road, stopped in traffic. She and her fiancée were coming home from Indiana. Buchheit said she saw a heavy police presence and officers using non-lethal weapons to try to control a crowd of 50 to 100 teenagers. "It was huge," Buchheit said. "The helicopters were flying around with the spotlights."

Buchheit said the event has her concerned. "I've never felt like I had to worry being out at night here before. And based on what I saw last night and one other incident I saw a few months ago, I'm starting to think it's not as safe in this area anymore," Buchheit said. "I would definitely like to see attention paid to the possibility of crime trickling into this area and possibly try to stop it before it gets out of hand."

Community activist Christopher 2X said LMPD plans to meet with the owner of the skating rink and community leaders to create a way for similar events to continue while keeping public safety a top priority.

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