LG&E power outages hit thousands of customers

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - As temperatures climbed into the 90s on Monday more than 7,500 customers lost power in the Pleasure Ridge Park area and more than 1,000 customers also lost power in one Jeffersontown neighborhood.

While the PRP problem was a mechanical failure of a transformer, customers in J-town say their problem is happening way too often.

On Calais Drive near Jeffersontown High School, tempers soared with the humidity.

"It's ridiculous," said Janet Helm, after her air conditioning powered off Monday afternoon.

According to LG&E, Helm wasn't the only one having power issues, more than 1,000 other people who live near the school were in the same boat.

"It's been coming off and on for the past couple of days," Helm said of her power, "Last week, it went off three or four times."

Helm told WAVE 3 News the problem rears its ugly head when it starts getting hot.

"I'm almost in a full blown panic and anxiety attack today because I know that if we're having trouble now, we're going to have it (more problems) on down the road."

It was about this time last year when WAVE 3 News was in the same neighborhood that was dealing with the same problem, like spoiled food and no lights. Helm's neighbors say it keeps happening.

"Always," said Kadeon Waite. "It's always annoying," he continued, "You know, we pay for the power to be on so, you expect it to be on.'

Waite was working on a document he needed when his computer shut down Monday afternoon, but that was just the beginning of his heat headaches.

"With two little kids in the house," Waite said, "I can deal with the heat a little better than they can because they get all sweaty and start fussing and that makes everything harder."

While we were there, LG&E did get the power back on. A worker told us that a tree limb caused the outage. An LG&E spokeswoman also told us the same thing. As for the complaint that the neighborhood loses power too much, LG&E said they are investigating.

Helm believes LG&E needs to cut back more trees, but said each year she sees fewer workers coming out to do it.

"I mean they don't have a problem coming out and turning people off, when they owe them money," she said of the power company.

Again, LG&E is looking into the problem. Some neighbors told us crews acted very quickly to get the power back on in Jeffersontown. As for the PRP problem, the company is bringing in the manufacturer to determine why the transformer failed.

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