Record high temperatures mean adjustments for firefighters

Firefighters take a break during training.
Firefighters take a break during training.

JEFFERSONTOWN, KY (WAVE) - Kentuckiana firefighters said they are already finding ways to adapt with temperatures that could reach record high levels for the next several days.

Always needing to be on their game, for the next two weeks Jeffersontown firefighters are taking advantage of an empty restaurant to do live training with simulated smoke and rescue exercises. Even though this is just practice, they still have to take into account the heat. "The next few days will be totally different for us," said Major James Sebastian. "We will conduct training early instead of late in the afternoon before the sun really gets at the hottest level of the day."

Luckily for the training, they can dress down and just wear a shirt with their suspenders. They don't get that option when they get a real life call in 100 degree heat. "We just try to take more breaks than usual and not do some of the activities around the department that would exhaust our firefighters," explained Sebastian. "We know when these temperatures get higher that we have to rotate people in and out and we may use mutual aid departments on a response."

That is where you come in. With a five day forecast that offers no relief, the firefighters know once they are done with the training they will be dealing with calls that you can help them avoid. That applies especially to grills and fire pits. "We want those to be used properly and wisely to prevent fires from happening. In this type of temperature, the ground is so dry if a spark or a flame happens to hit it can go off rather quickly and it will be hard to catch up because the moisture in the ground is just not there now" said Sebastian.

Firefighters will be there to help no matter what happens, but when it comes to the heat we are experiencing now, the more problems that can be prevented, the better.

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