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Neighbors hope for best after baby is found in pool

The toddle was transported to Kosair Children's Hospital. The toddle was transported to Kosair Children's Hospital.

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) – A toddler continues to cling to life after he was found unresponsive in an Okolona swimming pool.

On Wednesday it was all too quiet on Sandalwood Court. "I was sadden because I'd just seen the baby this weekend playing out here in the yard," said Donnie Citraro, neighbor.

Many neighbors still cannot comprehend the news, one day after a baby boy was pulled from a backyard swimming pool. Police say the 17-month-old was at his grandparents' house. 

Neighbors said the toddler was being watched at the home, but it was not until his grandfather pulled his truck into the driveway that panic set in. 

"He walked up on the patio, I heard him say oh my God," said Trenton Elmore, witness. "He jumped in the pool and he laid out the baby on the deck and I heard him say call 911."

It is unclear how long the baby was in the pool before he was rushed to Kosair Children's Hospital.

"I just seen the baby and he was just lifeless and whenever they carried him out to the ambulance, like it was just sad," said Elmore.

Citraro lives next to the family, he said the baby was just at the age when he could really move.

"You got to keep an eye on him, you just can't let them go even when they are out here in the yard, there has just got to be somebody there all the time and every time he was out here there was always somebody out here with him," said Citraro.

Citraro, like many, others are just heartbroken this happened.

"I do know that the grandparents just worship that baby," said Patricia Tucker. "I do know that, they were very good grandparents."

"Everybody is hoping and playing that the baby comes through and doesn't have any damage or anything like that," said Citraro.

Louisville Metro Police called this a tragic accident. The baby remains in critical condition. At this time it is unclear if he will be able to recover. 

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