Health care impact here at home; Undercover violence investigation; NASCAR ready

It's melting hot outside … so come inside and join us!

We're really feeling the heat today but it'll be nice and cool inside your house when you join us for WAVE 3 News starting at 5.

We're covering the U.S. Supreme Court's big decision upholding the health care law both in Washington and at home.  We'll let you hear from those in the health care industry and tell you what today's decision means to you.

And, WAVE 3'S John Boel begins his undercover investigation into violence in West Louisville.  He looks into a major contributor, something many people witness out in the open every day, but yet, are reluctant to do anything about.  You'll want to see what he uncovered in this WAVE 3 exclusive.

Plus, we're live at the Kentucky Speedway as its biggest NASCAR weekend of the year is underway … and yes, they've made extensive plans for dealing with all of those people who will be sitting outside in the heat.

We'll see you for all of that, starting at 5!

Janelle MacDonald
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