Youth team can play again, despite lawsuit

HENRYVILLE, IN (WAVE) - Two Henryville parents said they are upset after their son was not selected for a youth all-star baseball team.

Alice and Charles Hunt filed a lawsuit against Henryville Youth Sports, Inc. (HYS) requesting the team he tried out for not be able to play because they did not follow the rules. In a lawsuit filed earlier this week, the couple claimed a proper vote was not taken to select the team of 12-year-olds. They said when their son was not hand picked by a coach like the others, he suffered irreparable harm.

"My experience with the Little league is that as I set forth in my response, there's always going to be some parent that feels like their child didn't get a fair shake," said HYS attorney Graham Green. Green knows just how intense the sport can be. Years ago he was president of HYS. In a letter to the Hunts' attorney, he described a situation where the couple showed up at his house at 11:30 at night and demanded that their child's coach be removed.

Green said he understands how the Hunts feel this time around, but said HYS board did nothing wrong when they picked who would take the field for the all-stars this year. He said the procedure that the Hunts' attorney said is a by-law was never actually voted into place.

In a statement, Hunts' attorney Jonathan M. Schulte said, "This lawsuit is about making sure parents, coaches, and volunteers involved with Henryville Youth Sports follow by-laws and procedures put in place to provide each youth with an equal opportunity to play the game. Henryville Youth Sports, Inc.'s own by-laws state that one of its objectives is 'to do all of these things with the welfare of the youngsters first and foremost, without adult ambition for personal glory.' We are simply trying to uphold that by-law."

The team already missed its first game Wednesday. While a judge ruled HYS can take the field again, he also said they need to put how they are picking the team in the future in writing.

There is another hearing scheduled for August to settle the argument about the by-laws, but Green said he hoped it can be settled out of court before then.

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