Condo owner charged after Thunder Over Louisville sign controversy

Marty Haley has been charged after this incident was caught on camera.
Marty Haley has been charged after this incident was caught on camera.

JEFFERSONVILLE, IN (WAVE) - The drama continues surrounding a condominium complex after a resident confronts an office worker. A man is charged with two misdemeanors following the incident and his attorney asked for a trial by jury.

The entire situation is over Thunder Over Louisville wrist bands and whether the residents at The Harbours Condominiums would agree not to hang patriotic banners on their balconies.

Marty Haley disagreed with the new restriction and he is now charged with battery and criminal trespassing, both misdemeanors.

Haley's condo association dues entitle him to the Thunder bracelets, according to Haley's attorney Larry Wilder.

Thunder Over Louisville wrist bands are included in the The Harbours Condo Association amenities.

"His property is in their possession," Wilder said.

"[Haley's] 18 arm bands, that he pays $3,600 a year for, are in that young lady's possession and she says if you don't sign that you can't have these," Wilder said.

In WAVE 3 video, Haley refuses to sign a waiver not to hang patriotic signs on his balcony and confronts the woman.

"I think that's what the jury is going to have to decide: the wrist bands were his property and he was trying to retrieve them," Wilder said.

The Clark County Prosecutor's office disagreed and charged Haley with the battery and trespassing crimes.

The Harbours' attorney said a jury trial is not realistic. "It will never happen," Dawn Elston said.

"Nobody has a right to put their hands on a Harbours employee and we'd like to see that stopped," Elston added.

Harbours Condominium representatives and Haley will be back in court for a pretrial date August 14.

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