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WAVE 3 Editorial – July 3, 2012: Drug Dealing

By Ken Selvaggi
WAVE 3 Vice President and General Manager

It may be too simplistic to say stop the drug dealing and you will stop the killing in the West End of Louisville, but it would certainly go a long way in stopping the senseless gun violence.

A WAVE 3 investigation this past month documented apparent drug deals being transacted there every day in broad daylight in plain view of everyone. Fear of retaliation may be one reason neighbors don't report the activity as it is happening. But reporting it is the fastest way to clean it up and take back the neighborhoods.

Police patrols can always be more effective but law enforcement leaders told us, arrests are made but they are not going to be able to arrest out of this situation because many of these folks get arrested, go through the court system, and are right back out on the street. Despite an extensive criminal history, some are not locked up long enough to put a dent in the drug dealing, or if they are, someone else is there to take their place.

More plentiful jobs can certainly help, but stopping the killing starts with each individual valuing life and taking pride in themselves. That leads to respecting others and builds a culture that doesn't condone dealing drugs as a fact of life in any neighborhood.

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