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He was given the highest civilian award in the United States by the President of the United States..... "The Medal of Freedom."  He received critical acclaim on Broadway, television and in music.  Today millions mourn the death of an American icon.  What he was loved for and known for most was his homespun humor and wholesome character.  We will take a look back at the life of Andy Griffith.

Is it a myth or money saver when people give you crazy ideas about your car to save gas while you're driving?  Today WAVE 3's Lori Lyle will take a look at some of the most familiar things we hear to let us know if it is just hype or will it really keep a little money in our pocket.  Every dollar and dime counts.  Joins us as we stretch your dollar at the pump!!

It's one of Oldham County's hot places to swim, play and party but this swimming hole will now be dry as folks gather to have a little summer fun.  The water will still be there to splash around in but tonight we investigate why there will be no spirits allowed at the Oldham County Quarry!!

The economy is on the upswing and with that good news you might be surprised to find it brings bad news of an increased rate of divorce.   Why would things get worse for some families when it's getting better for the rest of the world ?  We'll take a look at the economy of divorce.

The Holiday is just hours away!!!  Many folks are ready to celebrate.  Lots of folks are off work.  Floyd County wants you and your family to enjoy it all but there are a couple of things you cannot do.  WAVE 3 News shares a warning to help keep you out of trouble and everyone else safe.

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