Kentucky kids left behind in sweltering home, Two Olympians from one Louisville family

Kids Left Alone For Days in the Heat

Hard to believe more than a dozen kids could be left alone for a week in a Kentucky home. On top of that,  the house has no air conditioning. WAVE 3's Katie Bauer has reaction including a neighbor who knew something was wrong.

A big crowd tonight on the Waterfront for an annual festival, but WAVE 3's Matt McCutcheon shows us all the extra precautions taken because of the heat.

A second member of the Burckle family will head to the Olympics to go for the gold. Tonight, WAVE 3's Connie Leonard talks to the Louisville family about this incredible accomplishment in the pool.

A Southern Indiana woman faces hundreds of years behind bars for taking hundreds of thousands of dollars pet owners paid to insure their animals.

Join us for the latest at 11 and have a great holiday!

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