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Kentuckiana's Greatest Generation - John J. Fawkes

Private John J. Fawkes

  John Fawkes was reported missing in action over France on June 8, 1944.  In August he was identified as a German prisoner of war.

  While working on a farm near the prison camp, John and five of his buddies kning the Russians were advancing swiftly, plotted and carried through their escape.

   They traveled for 3 days before meeting the Russians, living for that time on one loaf of bread and a couple of candy bars.  They hid themselves during the Russian drive and after the main troops passed, made themselves known to a patrol.

   They then made their way throught the lines, finally reaching Warsaw.  There, they were put on a Russian train which took them to Odessa.

   Shortly after they left for the states.

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submitted by: Morgan Fawkes

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