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WAVE 3 Editorial – July 5, 2012: Kentucky outperforms the nation

By Ken Selvaggi
WAVE 3 Vice President and General Manager

Kentucky led the nation in fourth-grade math improvement the past ten years on the National Assessment of Educational Progress. The Commonwealth's fourth graders also outperformed the nation in reading and math achievement and eighth graders exceeded the nation in reading.

Kentucky's 78% high school graduation rate topped the nation's 76% mark, and the pass rate among Kentucky's adults taking the GED test exceeded the nation.

The public pre-K program in Kentucky met all but one of the 10 nationally recognized standards of quality.

Celebrating our independence as a nation is a point of pride this week as it is every year. It will be an even more important celebration in years to come if our nation can improve its ranking worldwide on education.

Then if both Kentucky and Indiana distinguish themselves even further in outperforming the nation the progress being made will have lasting traction.

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