Superbugs in our meat; Search for Mom; Hilltopper to Olympics

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It is sweltering outside!  It is also dangerous!  Join the WAVE 3 Weather Team for the current temperature and a look at the long range forecast.  A cool down is coming!  Until it gets here please pay attention to your neighbors, the sick and shut in, the elderly, little ones and don't forget your pets.  Keeping an eye out for someone who may be overheated can keep us from having to deliver any type of bad news associated with this heat wave.

Could Medical Marijuana become legal in the Bluegrass?  It is a controversial battle now being fought at Kentucky's State Capitol by a Louisville lawmaker.  We'll tell you what's being done to push the law forward. Plus, we'll share the name of this contentious statute that honors the a past political candidate.

Louisville Metro Police and Search crews withstand the heat for a second day as they search for a missing Louisville mother.  The investigation is covering Otter Creek Park in record breaking temperatures.  We'll visit the scene for the latest in this hunt.

They are usually prescribed to people but for profit some companies are giving antibiotics to their farm animals.  WAVE 3's Lori Lyle brings us a Consumer Report's Investigation about how this practice is creating superbugs in our meat that could be making us super sick.  For your family and for your health, it's a story you don't want to miss!

Can the Commonwealth of Kentucky legally opt out of the "Affordable Care Act?"   Some State GOP Leaders believe there is legal flexibility to opt out of one of the costliest provisions in what they call "Obamacare."  We'll tell you why they are telling the Governor this is the best legal and responsible route.

The countdown is on to the summer Olympics in London while the count goes up for the number of Olympians who have come from Western Kentucky University.  Claire Donahue now brings the count to twelve.  WAVE 3 Sports Director Kent Taylor will introduce you to the twenty-three year old qualifier and hilltopper who will be going for the gold.

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