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Republicans looking to Beshear to opt out of care act

FRANKFORT, KY (WAVE) – Kentucky Republicans are calling on Governor Beshear to opt the Commonwealth out of the Affordable Care Act.

State GOP leaders said the expansion of Medicaid could put an even bigger burden on the budget.

Representative Jeff Hoover said, "If Kentucky does not opt out of this Medicaid expansion we will see further reductions in our funding levels for education and other things, or we will have to face a significant tax increase."

Republicans said the federal government promised to initially pay 100 percent of the increase in Medicaid payments for the first three years. However, after those three years a portion of the financial burden would shift to the state in future years.

The general assembly would then have to choose whether to cut other government programs or raise taxes to fund the increased demand of Medicaid.

The issue of Health Care Reform may have become the top issue in Decision 2012, perhaps even eclipsing the economy as the top concern of voters.

It affects the United State Senate Race, as well as the race for the White House.

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