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Crews complete second day of searching for missing Louisville mom

Crews gathered to search the park. Crews gathered to search the park.
Crews searched the area along the railroad track. Crews searched the area along the railroad track.
Carrie Ruffra (Source: Family photo) Carrie Ruffra (Source: Family photo)

BRANDENBURG, KY (WAVE) – The search resumed inside Otter Creek Park Thursday morning for a missing 37-year-old Louisville woman.

Kentucky State Police said they now believe Carrie Ruffra entered the park around 1 Wednesday morning, July 4.

Around 11 that same morning, a missing person's report was filed for Ruffra. About 30 minutes later, the Otter Creek Park director found her vehicle parked near a boat ramp leading to the Ohio River.

Crews spent much of Independence Day searching for Ruffra in the water, along the riverbank and railroad tracks, and from the air with LMPD's aerial search unit.

Around 8 Wednesday night, crews stopped for the evening and resumed Thursday morning for a second day.

While Kentucky State Police said they do not believe Ruffra's disappearance is suspicious, family members said this is not like her.

"We've been worrying; [we've been] Being sick and [have] been questioning because this is just so not like her," said Michele Ruffra Broderick who is the aunt of Ruffra's husband.

"You don't ever expect to hear, in my case, your maiden name flashed across the TV and Ruffra isn't that common of a name," Michele Broderick said.

Michele Broderick described Ruffra as fun-loving and upbeat.

"Carrie is a loving, bubbly person. She would never abandon her children. It's just so out of character. It's sickening," Michele Broderick said.

Crews searched for a second day in triple digit temperatures, but were unable to find any sign of her. All they found inside her vehicle was her cell phone and other belongings.

"You just pray that you'll get a phone call from her and then you remember that her cell phone is in her car," Michele Broderick said.

Ruffra taught a class at Milestone Wellness Center Tuesday night.

"She did have a dedicated group who attended her yoga classes. She was best known for the pre post-natal classes that she did and was very well liked and popular. She was always cheerful and had a smile to share with everyone," said co-worker and family member Dan Broderick.

The family is not telling her 4 and 10-year-old children the news until they know more.

"For right now the children are doing fine and the rest of the family is falling apart," Michele Broderick said.

They all hope for good news soon.

"Everytime the phone rings you about get sick to your stomach and you find out it's just somebody wanting an update but there is no update and you just glue yourself to the news and hope to find out something," Michele Broderick said.

Police said the search will resume Friday.

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