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Dawne Gee

All You Need for Friday….All We Need Is You !!!

I hope you'll join me for WAVE 3 News Friday at 5!

Eight days of record breaking heat and it is putting an end to community and family functions all around the Commonwealth!  As the "Excessive Heat Warning" continues, the WAVE 3 Weather Team keeps their eyes on the temperatures and Storm Cutter HD.

The excessive temperatures are also causing a back up on the Kennedy Bridge as it slows down work.  The high temperatures are actually playing a part in the length of time it will take to get all the work done.  We'll explain.  Plus when you fill up the tank, fill up on patience too if you're on the highway.  There are more trouble spots and more closures just in time for your weekend.  To plan a successful, stress free route for your weekend travel.... join us at 5!

It is a tragedy we report every year.  It's a loss to the entire community when a child dies.  It is especially painful if the accident may have been able to be prevented.  Just this week a family grieved as they buried a 17 month old child who drowned in the family pool.  WAVE 3's Lori Lyle will tell you about a program that can help the very youngest in our community learn to fight long enough to live.

If you're looking for a job, there's an Indiana company that's looking for you!  We'll tell you about the hundreds of jobs coming to Kentuckiana and how you can apply to get one.

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