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Troubleshooter: Felon violated probation with city approval

Christopher Scheitlin talking to Eric Flack. Christopher Scheitlin talking to Eric Flack.
Christopher Scheitlin working security. Christopher Scheitlin working security.

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - The WAVE 3 Troubleshooter Department discovered a convicted felon who violated the conditions of his probation right under the noses of Louisville Metro Government.

Troubleshooter Eric Flack started digging into this story months ago, asking tough questions to the man at the center of the investigation. He dug to find out why the man ignored a judges order and to see how Louisville Metro allowed it to happen.

In response to a question that could have Christopher Scheitlin feeling the heat, all he talked about was the weather.

"It's a wonderful day out," he told Troubleshooter Eric Flack outside the Jefferson County Courthouse. "Matter of fact I got to put my glasses on it's so nice out."

Ignoring his mounting legal problems just like Louisville Metro Government did.

It all started at a UofL Football game in October 2010. Scheitlin, the owner of Professional Link security, was arrested in full uniform for impersonating a police officer so he could watch the game from the sidelines. The second time that year Scheitlin was charged with pretending to be a cop.

In May, Scheitlin pled guilty. The judge gave him two years probation and one clear condition to stay out of jail - that he not be allowed to work in law enforcement or a security guard.

"He understands that he can't be a security guard or a police officer," Scheitlin's attorney told the judge at the time, with Scheitlin sitting next to him in the defendant's chair. 

Seventeen days later, the Troubleshooter department caught him working security at the SoulFood Festival on Louisville Metro's Waterfront Park.

Scheitlin could be seen wearing an earpiece, with dozens of security officers at his command. Some in Professional Link uniforms. Others, off duty Louisville Metro Police Officers. Scheitlin's team was responsible for keeping out weapons and drugs and keep control as more than 10,000 people partied during the June 2 music festival.

So, who would let a convicted felon run security, on city property, against a judges orders? Louisville Metro Government.

"I wish I could give you an answer," said Louisville Metro Codes and Regulations Director Jim Mimms. "But I can't."

Flack showed Mimms Scheitlin's criminal history. Impersonating a police officer was just the beginning. Court records reveal Scheitlin was convicted of domestic violence in February. Then charged with felony forgery days later for falsifying government documents to win a Louisville Metro Housing Authority security contract.

Even Mimms' own department filed criminal charges against Scheitlin, twice. Codes and Regulations caught him allegedly working security with a gun without an armed security license. Mimms said his staff never should have let a guy with a record like Scheitlin's run security on city property. However, Louisville Metro Government failed to do its own detective work.

"Some of it clearly falls in our area," Mimms conceded.

We dug up not one, but two event applications for the SoulFood Festival. They listed two different security companies. The one signed off on by Codes and Regulations and the Louisville Metro Police Department listed the security provider as Morgan Security Services. But no one ever bothered to contact owner, Barron Morgan, to see if he would actually be there. He was not.

Instead, it was Scheitlin and Professional Link on the job. Something law enforcement might have known if they had ever checked the original event application. Scheitlin's name was right there in black and white.

SoulFood Festival organizer, Pat Williams, would not explain the name change.

"That's not a question that I am interested in answering," Williams told Flack by phone.

When Flack tracked Scheitlin down and asked him to explain the video of him working security at the SoulFood Festival, he once again changed the subject.

"It's a beautiful day," Scheitlin repeated over and over.

He might need to enjoy the fresh air while he can. Kristi Gray, the Jefferson County Commonwealth's Attorney, who assigned to Scheitlin's case said she will make a motion to revoke his probation if they see evidence he is back on the job.

"I mean he has committed fraud, he has misrepresented his ability to provide certain types of services, he's obtained government contracts that he wasn't qualified to provide," Gray said. "So no, I don't think he should be providing any type of security service."

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