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More than 1,000 applications already in for Amazon jobs

The beginning of the line early Thursday morning. The beginning of the line early Thursday morning.
The packed parking lot. The packed parking lot.
There was still a line late Thursday. There was still a line late Thursday.

NEW ALBANY, IN (WAVE) - It is a key issue in the race for the White House---job creation. But not just any jobs, people are seeking long-term employment with benefits.

That is exactly why hundreds of people flocked to New Albany Thursday with nearly 1,000 Amazon jobs up for grabs.

The jobs are full-time and they come with medical and dental coverage.

By closing time at 8 Thursday night, 1,300 people had walked through the front doors and 1,100 of those job seekers had already filled out their online application.

"It's competitive," said job hunter Carol Kusch, "definitely competitive." 

The race to get a parking spot was a clear sign of one thing. "They need jobs and they need jobs that pay better," Kusch said.

WAVE 3 watched crowds gather at WorkOne Thursday morning through the afternoon. By that time, 800 applicants had already arrived and another 500 would follow.

Job applicant Branden Ballew said of the crowd, "I didn't realize it was such a big event!" WorkOne's Adam Clark agreed, "It's been a trip!"

People came from all over the Hoosier state and the Commonwealth hoping to nab one of the new Amazon Fulfillment Center positions coming to Jeffersonville, Indiana in the fall.

Job seeker Ruthie Wilder said, "I think people are needing jobs right now and Amazon is offering us a great opportunity in the community."

Gregory Miller said seeing the crowd line up for the available jobs made him a little nervous about getting one, "I feel like I might not get it because there are so many people, but I hope I do."

Ben Fisher, who is working part time right now, said he has no health insurance and he thinks he is not alone, "A lot of people are hungry for the same opportunity and it's tough."

There are two big reasons people came out in droves. They are seeking full-time work with benefits and they believe Amazon offers stability.

Would-be employees said, an online company like Amazon is the future. "They're very high volume and Amazon's done nothing but grow," said Branden Ballew, who is hoping for one of the $11.00 an hour warehouse jobs with health insurance, stock possibilities, and no experience necessary.

"Amazon's looking to train as many people as they can because they have their own way of doing things," Clark said. "So previous warehouse experience, while it's nice, it isn't a must."

There is still time to apply online.

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