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Teen in custody after police say he shot at car with baby inside

Police search the suspect's car. (Source: WLEX) Police search the suspect's car. (Source: WLEX)
Travis Sloan Travis Sloan
Amanda Jewell Amanda Jewell

SHELBYVILLE, KY (WAVE) – A Shelby County couple found themselves in the middle of a drive-by shooting, while they were on the road with their toddler in the back seat.

Fortunately nobody was hurt, and come to find out, police said the suspect was using a pellet gun to shoot at the couple's car. The juvenile suspect is in custody facing a long list of charges and police said he did not even have a driver's license.

Amanda Jewell and Travis Sloan still can not comprehend what happened Wednesday night. They both feel like they lived through a real life video game.

"I didn't know what to do," said Sloan. "I didn't know how we were going to get away from him or if he had another gun or what he was going to do next."

It all started around 11:30 when the couple stopped at gas station on Midland Trail in Shelbyville.  

Jewell said she was checking on her two-year-old son when a teen, she did not know, pulled his car close to hers and kept revving his engine. Sloan asked him to back off and as the couple left the parking lot, so did the 16-year-old suspect.  

"He followed us out when we pulled out and he floored it and got right beside us and he started yelling something at first and then he started shooting at the car," said Sloan.

Terrified, Sloan called 911 as he jumped into the backseat to shield his son.

"We ran a red light at Walmart to try to get away from him to where he would turn to get away from us," said Jewell.

But it did not work. "He backed up and turned around and came towards us in oncoming traffic and was shooting at us," said Sloan.

About a mile down the road, they pulled into the Walmart parking lot. Police were able to stop the car and place the 16-year-old under arrest.  

"He thought it was a joke, like it was some kind of game," said Sloan.

Jewell said she believed they were shot at about 10 times and their car has marks to prove it. It all was just a little too close to where their son was sitting.

"Why would you do something like that with a child in the back seat, craziness," said Jewell. "I can't believe it."

Police said the teen, from Taylorsville, was in a stolen car. He faces multiple charges from wanton endangerment to carrying a concealed deadly weapon. He had marijuana and prescription pills in his possession. He is also the suspect in two Spencer County burglaries.

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