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Exclusive: Yalanda Parrish to be released from prison

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Yalanda Parrish Yalanda Parrish
Wes Mosier Wes Mosier
The shooting scene. The shooting scene.

JEFFERSONVILLE, IN (WAVE) - It is the highly publicized road rage case that sent a local woman to prison for 10 years.  WAVE 3 News has learned convicted shooter Yalanda Parrish is scheduled to be released from prison next month after serving less than half her sentence.

Wes Mosier, the man she shot, was under the impression that he would not have to worry about running into Parrish for at least seven of the 10 years she was sentenced to.

That was until he got a letter in the mail stating Parrish was about to be released.

"I opened it up and seen her name," Mosier said. Seeing the name Parrish means one thing for the recovering gunshot victim, reliving the worst day of his life.

The letter was from the Indiana Department of Corrections. It said Parrish, the woman convicted of shooting him in a Jeffersonville road rage case, is scheduled to be released from prison August 19, 2012. 

Mosier said he was surprised because it was less than what she was supposed to get.

In 2009, a judge sentenced Parrish to 10 years behind bars, saying she must serve at least seven. The judge said the last three years could be served on work release. 

At the time of sentencing, Mosier said it seemed like a fair deal. 

But, the August release date he just found out about, falls short of the original sentence.

While Parrish's trial attorney, Brian Butler, is no longer on the case. Other attorneys said the time frame may be explained if Parrish enrolled in prison programs. Those programs could provide her good time credits, adding that she will likely have to serve at least another year-and-a-half of work release at the county jail.

Mosier says he is thankful for that, but contends, "I don't think she's ready for the world yet."

He said, he is not convinced that she has changed.  "She's never apologized to me."

He said moving on has been difficult considering he has had constant hospital visits since the shooting. "She really took the life out of me, " Mosier explained. "The doctor said on the stand that she took 20 years of my life and I believe it, because my body has just fell apart since she shot me."

Mosier said he does not begrudge Parrish the chance to start over, but there is a reason he hopes to never see her out and is still concerned for the community. "She was too graceful when she shot me," he explained. "It meant nothing to her and it was no different than shooting a dog on the side of the road. " 

The Indiana Department of Corrections stated in the letter that Mosier can take out a restraining order against Parrish. He said he will not because he is hoping the last place she would want to be is around him.

 We were not able to contact prosecutor Steve Stewart for comment about the release.

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