Youth Pay Homage to Negro League Baseball

(LOUISVILLE, KY.) The Anderson Monarchs are a group 10 and 11 year old baseball players from Philadelphia, PA. who travel the nation playing the game they love, while learning the history behind Negro League Baseball.

The team's tour brought them to Louisville on Thursday, and while here, they visited the Louisville Slugger Museum before taking on the East Louisville Bats that night. Their tour will end at the Baseball Hall of Fame in Cooperstown. While the kids love to travel, they don't love every aspect of the trip. "We were driving through Iowa and I went to sleep. Before I went to sleep I saw endless roads of corn fields, and when I woke up 40 minutes later, that was the same thing that I saw," said catcher, Scott Bandura.

Not only is this team learning history, they are living it, wearing throwback uniforms, playing with a wooden bat, and traveling in an original 1947 Clipper Flxible Clipper tour bus. The bus doesn't have air condition, and the blast from the past doesn't stop there. "no A/C, no bathroom, no electronics allowed on the bus is our rule. So, we're trying to re-create what it was like as close as we can", said Head Coach Steve Bandura.

Despite the tough conditions, the kids love playing the team, and are having a blast, touring the country, and learning about the history of baseball.

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