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Simpsonville residents voice concerns about proposed outlet mall

SIMPSONVILLE, KY (WAVE) – A proposed outlet mall in Simpsonville has residents showing up in force in hopes of throwing the development out. If approved, the project would be built right off Interstate 65 in Shelby County at the Simpsonville exit behind the BP gas station.

On Tuesday, after listening to all sides of this argument for nearly three hours the Triple S Planning Commission voted to postpone their decision on the zoning change until their meeting next month.

For all the shoppers out there this development sounds like a dream, but for a lot of residents in Simpsonville, the 50 acres of retail space is quickly turning into a nightmare. 

"Now I realize that everybody else in Shelby County thinks this is the greatest thing since punch and I realize that and I know that they do but think about us that live on the south side there," said one speaker. 

On Tuesday, the majority of those who spoke out were against the outlet mall moving into their neighborhood.

"We love the rural area and we would like to keep it rural," said Linda Humphress, Simpsonville.

"We would have to use the same road as the mall, it's ridiculous," said Joe Koroluk, of Simpsonville. 

The developer Michigan based, Horizon Group Properties, hopes to get the approval it needs to move forward on its plans to create "The Outlet Shoppes at Louisville." The developers promise to bring an economic boast and more than a thousand jobs to area. 

Some residents just aren't sure what to think about the proposal. "If it truly can increase the revenue of the local area and help the community as far as tax revenue and as far as jobs then I from a personal stand point can live with the inconvenience as long as the net benefit," said Steve Campbell, Simpsonville.

Others worry about crime, traffic, their property values, lighting, even the name of the development offended some. 

"Can you please change it if you get approved, I would really appreciate the Outlet Shoppes at Simpsonville, the Outlet Shoppes at Shelby County, but not Louisville," urged one speaker.

"There has been a lot of consideration by the developer to mitigate any impacts on the community and make sure that goes forward positively," said Tom Rumptz, Horizon Group Properties. 

If approved the outlet mall would be home to shops like Banana Republic, Gap, Nike, and Coach and construction would be slated to begin next year.

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