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Great savings for summer and early fall travel

Ruthann Hale Ruthann Hale

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - If you have been waiting for prices to fall before booking vacation plans, you are in luck. Even travel experts are amazed at some of the prices available right now. It all started with falling airline prices and now hotels and cruise lines are following.

At The Travel Authority in Middletown, Manager Ruthann Hale can hardly believe her eyes when she searched various destinations. "Like fares to Paris," she said. "I really can't believe how inexpensive they are. Barcelona, same thing, we're down to $700, $800 dollars roundtrip."

It is deals not just to Europe, a check of popular state-side destinations, like Orlando and Miami, are running about half the cost of fares travelers paid last week and for the last couple of years.  

One customer came in after hearing about the great deals and Ruthann was able to find him a quick trip to Vegas for $600 including air and hotel. That is an extra nights stay compared to typical prices.

Dream vacations like Mediterranean cruises and all-inclusive beach resorts in Jamaica are also dramatically lower.  

At a Beaches resort, Ruthann is finding prices for a family of four as low as $5,500 to $6,000.  Those prices usually run around $8,000.

Whatever the destination, she points to two reasons for these bottom dollar deals. "The European for sure is because of the Olympics and because the fuel costs were supposed to be so much higher this year and they're not."

Hotels in London and surrounding vacation spots are slashing prices in half because they are not filling the rooms. The shortcomings are adding up to big savings, but the traveler must be ready to commit to take advantage of the savings. 14 days advance," said Ruthann, "Last ticketing date is 25 July. That's pretty much what I'm seeing, maybe not across the board, but pretty much you have to ticket by then. But you can travel late summer early fall."

Not every destination is seeing a drop in price. Airlines, for instance, are holding steady going to New York, Los Angeles and Denver. Some prices are only good if you book as soon as Friday on Southwest Airlines.

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