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Alleged road rage victim reacts to WAVE 3 story

Deborah Powell Deborah Powell
Phillip Parrish (source: Floyd County Jail) Phillip Parrish (source: Floyd County Jail)

NEW ALBANY, IN (WAVE) - WAVE 3 News broke the story Friday: Yalanda Parish, the woman convicted in a road rage attack, is getting out of prison early.

After seeing our report, the woman accusing Parrish's husband of a similar crime is worried he won't spend much time behind bars.

WAVE 3 news spoke with Deborah Powell after she was involved in a road rage case with Yalanda Parrish's husband Phillip Parrish Sr. in 2011.  

She was so afraid then, she told us she didn't want to go on camera. But now, she said she's spent enough time being upset and intimated and is ready to face him in court.

"I'm just so devastated from this," Powell said.

It's been more than a year since she last saw Phillip Parrish.  Powell remembered, "He was coming into my lane and I was like oh God no, because I just knew he was going to hit me!"

Powell said she was driving on Spring Street in New Albany when she honked her horn at Phillip Parrish. That's when police said Parrish pulled up beside her.

"He just picks this gun up, holds it past his son's face, because his son was in the car too," she explained, "and he said, don't nobody f!@#ing tell me to watch out," she said,"It was like he had no regard for me and his son was just there laughing!"

Police said an officer who was not far behind the two vehicles, quickly pulled Parrish over.  Powell said, "He had a loaded 9mm in his front seat."

That's why Powell was so surprised after seeing our story about Parrish's wife, Yalanda.

We found out even though Yalanda Parrish was sentenced in 2009 to 10 years in prison for the road rage shooting of Wes Mosier in Jeffersonville, she's scheduled to be released next month.

Mosier told WAVE 3 News last week, he was surprised by the notice he got from the Indiana Department of Corrections.

"I was shocked," Powell said, "She shot him and she's getting out after only serving three and a half years?" She asked, "What's her husband going to get for putting a gun in my face?"

Floyd County Prosecutor Keith Henderson told WAVE 3 News, while Phillip Parrish's charge isn't as serious as his wife's case, he believes the crime is clearly troubling considering Mr. Parrish is accused of pulling out a gun on the road after his wife was convicted.

A year later, Powell is still waiting for her day in court but, after months of nightmares, she's says, she's no longer afraid.

"I'm going to stare straight at him and he's not going to scare me," she said, "He's not going to make me back down, this man needs to go to jail."

If Mr. Parrish is convicted in his scheduled October trial, he could face 6 months to 3 years behind bars. Powell hopes he'll serve at least one year for the Class D Felony and won't be allowed to carry a gun again.

We weren't able to contact Parrish or his recently appointed attorney for comment.

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