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WAVE 3 Editorial - July 19, 2012: Deadbeats

By Ken Selvaggi
WAVE 3 Vice President and General Manager

There are 78,000 deadbeats in Jefferson County. Most are dads, but seven percent are moms. Children are suffering because of it – and that is sad.

Child support should not be optional. Kentucky law allows your vehicle to be booted if you are $1,000 behind in paying parking fines. If you are $10,000 behind in child support your car should be booted as well. Feed your children food before you feed your car gas.

Maryland has a boot law for lack of child support payment and they have the best recovery of child support in the nation.

It's just child support should not be the feeling in our court system. Not paying child support is as much a crime as anything else. Non payment from parents translates into taxpayer subsidies through safety net social programs.

The numbers are not inflated because of our tough economic times. They have been in the 70,000 plus range for quite some time. That number needs to decrease.

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