Stormy Skies; Father not charged; Bug battle

WAVE 3 News Anchor Janelle MacDonald
WAVE 3 News Anchor Janelle MacDonald

It could be another stormy night!

We saw our share of problems from lightning across Kentuckiana last night and the WAVE 3 Weather Team is telling me that we could see a similar situation tonight.  Join Dawne Gee and me for WAVE 3 News at 5 so we can keep you ahead of what's happening.

It's been a busy day in the newsroom already and we're working on a lot of stories you'll want to see.

A grand jury today decided not to charge the father for the death of his eight-month-old son, who he left in a hot car for the day.  We'll have more on that decision.

We've also learned the owner of a now-closed daycare whose van was involved in a crash on Algonquin Parkway is facing charges.  WAVE 3's Matt McCutcheon is looking into what the charges are about.

And I've been working on a story that I think you'll want to see, even though it's a little bit different.  I went behind the scenes at UPS' Worldport facility to see a complex operation – all to fight a bug!  I couldn't believe how far they went for this beetle battle ... and if they fail, it could affect all of us.

We'll see you for all of that, starting at 5!

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