Road work progresses on Kennedy Bridge and I-65 south

Work continues on the Kennedy Bridge.
Work continues on the Kennedy Bridge.
I-65 south has been closed all weekend.
I-65 south has been closed all weekend.

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) – Crews worked all weekend on two major Interstate 65 projects in Louisville.

According to Andrea Clifford with the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet, steel repairs and concrete paving on the John F. Kennedy Bridge has progressed along far enough to allow a second lane of traffic to be opened on I-65 north on the bridge. The second lane was opened around 10 Sunday morning. Crews were also able to open the I-65 north exit ramp, exit 0, to Jeffersonville, IN.

Marticka Allen lives in Jeffersonville, IN and works at a gas station convenience store right next to exit 0 in Jeffersonville.

"There's been a lot of angry customers because of the construction," Allen said.

Allen, who lives in Jeffersonville, can relate to her customers.

"I have to go back and forth. I take my kids to Louisville, then I have to come back here and go back again. It gets a little hectic," said Allen.

Allen said so many drivers have come in asking for help navigating, that her store hands out printed directions to Lexington, KY, Cincinnati, OH and to interstate 71. Other drivers used words like "hectic" and "awful" to describe the headaches and traffic caused by two major construction projects.

"It's awful, because I actually work over at the hospital in Louisville," said Kourtney Everett, who lives in Jeffersonville and works in Louisville. "So, when I have to be at work at 7am because it's rush hour, I have to leave an extra hour earlier just to get to work."

Clifford said the ramps from I-64 east and I-64 west/I-71 south to I-65 south will reopen by 5 Monday morning. In addition, the ramps from I-64 west/I-71 north to I-65 north are anticipated to be open by 6 Monday morning.

"They say that, but I won't believe it until I see it," Everett said. "Because they always come up with delays at the last minute."

Allen was more optimistic. "That'll be way better. A relief for me and I'm sure a lot of people that work downtown. Yeah, I can't wait," she said.

Clifford also said the asphalt paving on I-65 south between the Kennedy Bridge and I-264 is on schedule and all lanes are expected to open by 5 Monday morning. However, work will continue on guardrail installation and drainage structures. The contractor has until September 30 to complete this project.

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