U of L Gives Back to West End Children

(LOUISVILLE, KY.) The practice fields at U of L were busy on Saturday, not with Cardinals, but with kids with dreams and aspirations to maybe one day dawn the red and black. This was the second, consecutive year for U of L's camp for West End kids. "I wanted to see all of the football players out here....and the coaches," said camp participant, Chris Mucker who was released from the hospital the day before the camp due to complications from Hypothyroidism.

Not only do these kids receive top notch coaching from the U of L staff, they also receive life lessons from the U of L Head Coach. "I met with every group and we broke them down into three groups, and I said just look at our coaching staff and some our players, they come from what you come from, so don't think you can't go achieve anything, or go be somebody. Don't let anyone tell you what you can't be," said Strong.

This will be a day none of these kids will ever forget, especially the chance to meet Coach Strong. "he's inspirational. We sat down in his room and he was like inspiring us not to go on the wrong path. Trying to inspire us to go to college, and if we say we want to do something, we can do it," said camp participant Darryl Grigsby.

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