Arc Shooting, Heroes in the Lime Light, Taste Buds and Budget

Dawne Gee
Dawne Gee

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The Nation is finding strength in the countless stories of heroism from the Colorado Mass Shooting.  Four days after the tragedy, WAVE 3 News will share some of the stories that will touch your heart and raise your spirits. Police and FBI are searching the suspects apartment and are back in the theater trying to get as much information and evidence they can for the families of the victims who were lost that day.  They are also making sure they are building a solid case against the man who allegedly took their lives.

WAVE 3's Maira Ansari talks to some of the people who knew the 17 year old fatally shot while riding a TARC bus Monday.  LMPD is searching for the suspects and a motive in this crime.

The cheering in London has begun before the games.  Human Rights Activist are making a lot of noise out on the street to protest the participation of Countries who have discriminatory policies in place against their athletes.  They hope the Olympic Committee will hear their ranting and move to "remove" these Countries from the games.  As your EXCLUSIVE Olympic Station WAVE 3 News will bring you that and more!

A new Prescription Bill may make a difference at your next Doctor's visit if you need certain medications.  It's a bill designed to cut down on addiction and abuse.  Will it really do the job or is it something that will punish those who are truly in need?  We'll explain.

It is not the news you want to hear but beef prices have reached their highest in history! WAVE 3's Lori Lyle will help you stretch your dollar so you get the best cut to satisfy your taste buds and your budget. There's still a lot of time for family grilling, so pass the word and join us at 5!

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