U of L Soccer Team Embraces Community

Louisville, KY (WAVE)

Tuesday Night U of L Soccer Coach Ken Lolla and the Louisville soccer team held a camp for special needs children.

Lolla said "It's a special gift and they all have special needs and  special gifts. It's finding those gifts and celebrating those and that's what we're doing today is celebrating their special needs and their special gifts that they have."

"They enjoy it out here, that's one of the greatest parts as well as seeing them smile as we try to get them a goal.  They're just loving it and having a great time," said Senior Mid Fielder Paolo DelPiccolo.

Lolla's wife Tina said, "There's so many people that I talk to that really do have children with special needs.  There might be learning differences but they're still special and they all have a divine purpose."

After last year being such a success, Coach Lolla said he will now make this an annual event for years to come.

"It's great for me!  I can't lie, It's awesome to see them smile.  It's awesome to know you're helping them out," said DelPiccolo.

"There's so much more to the game of Soccer and all the other athletics that are here.  It's really about the game of life, it's neat to celebrate the game of life as well through this kind of event," commented Tina Lolla.

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