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Your Week in Viral Videos: Painting, dancing and running around the web

This robot has more moves than you'll ever dream of. But don't worry - it'll be decades before they take over the planet. (Source: YouTube) This robot has more moves than you'll ever dream of. But don't worry - it'll be decades before they take over the planet. (Source: YouTube)

(RNN) – If you're not floating on a happy little cloud after watching Bob Ross work his mojo on a canvas, then you might not have a pulse.

PBS has made another digital remix of one of its most popular stars. It's not quite as good as the Mr. Rogers "Garden of Your Mind" digital remix, but it's still very entertaining.

It just makes you want to pick up a brush and paint the entire world, especially the segment of the song that begins at 1:16 … Umm, Bob is still talking about painting, right? Right?

"We don't make mistakes, just happy accidents." Hashtag: classic.


Hey, don't get mad just because you don't have a moonwalking, twisting, mash potatoing, jiving, break dancing, head-banging robot.

And don't think for one second that this little guy doesn't have more dances stashed in his circuits.

It's not exactly clear what a robot with more rhythm than most people you know means for the future of technology, but he sure is fun to watch.

No doubt, he's the coolest robot on the web right now. Word to your motherboard.


From the "We really like this guy, but someone get him a real job" corner of the internet, this is the most awesome thing that we've seen since the pillow fight between Michelle Obama and Ann Romney.

OK, that never happened. But if the presidential election is close enough - tiebreaker?

Where was this going, again? Oh right, this really cool viral video featuring a guy who does an entire movie score with just his voice – seriously, no instruments at all.

This video is so good that Mrs. Romney and Mrs. Obama can sit down over a cup of tea and share a gaffe together. Oops, we meant share a laugh together.


Australian hurdler Michelle Jenneke would have been a dead lock to add excitement and a needed ratings boost to the Olympic Games, especially after this video of her pre-race warmup surfaced about a week ago.

Although she blew away the competition – not to mention every male watching – she did not qualify for the 2012 Games in London.

What a shame. Her grace, technique and body control were so impressive. She was the picture of perfection.

We're talking about her running style, of course. Get your mind out of the gutter.


So, who's game for a good mashup song? The great beat and creative twisting of the lyrics is an awesome distraction - or maybe complement, depending on how you look at it – for the randomness of the video.

Seriously, if you have any idea what is going on in this video you deserve a genius grant.

A pair of songs so annoying they make your ears want to bleed somehow blend into a kind of masterpiece – guess two wrongs really do make a right.


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