Olympic action begins, man accused of murdering estranged girlfriend and children out of hospital, police shooting in Indianapolis

It's Olympics Time!!!

Have you been watching the Olympics?!?! It's been an exciting day so far in London. I hope you've been catching the action. Ryan Lochte took on Michael Phelps in the pool today. The results may shock you!

Kendrick Haskins will have more from WKU Grad Clare Donahue. She qualifies for the 100 meter butterfly finals. We will hear from her tonight on WAVE 3 News.

You can also catch plenty of Olympic action tonight on WAVE 3 News at midnight!

Another story we are following...WAVE 3 was the only camera in the courtroom today when John Devine faced a judge. You may remember Devine, he's the man accused of murdering his estranged girlfriend and two children. Police say Devine tried to kill himself after the shooting and wasn't successful. He was released from the hospital Friday and was booked into Metro Corrections.

We're also following a story out of Indianapolis. Authorities say a gunman ambushed a police officer during a traffic stop in an Indianapolis enclave, shooting him in the head before dying in a gunfight with other officers.

Not a bad Saturday, the temps were in the upper 80s to near 90. Lauren Jones is in for Andy tonight. There is talk of more rain, you won't want to miss her forecast!

We hope you join us tonight on WAVE 3 News at midnight after the Olympics!

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