Power Restored In Eminence, Phone Service Could Take Longer

By Maureen Kyle

(LOUISVILLE, June 3rd, 2004, 3:30 p.m.) -- A week after high winds and a tornado tore through the small town of Eminence, Kentucky, residents there have made a lot of progress towards returning to normal. WAVE 3's Maureen Kyle reports.

Downed trees that littered yards and streets after last week's storms were being chopped into firewood as residents continued clean up efforts.

Although power has been restored to most of the community, the phones are still out in many areas. On Thursday, crews from Bell South were reinstalling phone lines. One of the workers we spoke with, Ralph Tindall, says putting up phone lines is much more complicated than fixing downed power lines.

"Most everybody thinks when their lights come on, the phone ought to work too, but it's not hardly like that," Tindall says. "If their substations are working and they can get power to it, all they have to do is replace two wires. And we may have 200 pair of cable here we have to splice back together."

Tindall says neighbors have been "super nice," to Bell South workers, offering food and drink.

A Bell South spokesman told us that 154 customers in the tri-county area are still waiting to get their phone lines fixed out of more than 2,000 who lost service during last week's storms. All customers are expected to have services restored by Friday or Monday at the latest, but it could be up to a month before the damage is completely undone.

Online Reporter: Maureen Kyle

Online Producer: Michael Dever