Kentucky Congressman resigns, Louisville mother on trial for killing her two year old

Use that Olympic adrenaline to stay with us for the news at midnight!

A sudden resignation by a Kentucky Congressman tonight comes as a surprise to everyone in his district. He says it has to do with health issues in his family.

A Louisville mother sheds tears in court as witnesses describe finding her two year old dead in her car. Mollie Shouse left her son in the car overnight, and her mother took the stand and described that day in detail.

A peeping tom uses the latest smart phone technology, but he gets caught. We'll show you what he was doing.

A Kentuckiana family loses a loved one, but they make sure that someone benefits as they reach out with a wonderful act of kindness.

And Martha and the Vandellas would call it a "Heat Wave." Hear what Chief Meteorologist Kevin Harned calls it in his fourteen day forecast.

We will see you after another awesome night of the Games from London!

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