Massive crowds support Chick-fil-A, Morphine switched out at a local hospital

Lots of news after the Olympics!

Hope you enjoyed all the coverage tonight on WAVE 3 of the amazing Summer Games in London.

Tonight we've got more on the huge crowds at Chick-fil-A. After calls by some groups to boycott the restaurant chain, supporters showed up by the thousands to buy their product today. It all started when the founder of the chain said that his Biblical values means he opposes gay marriage.

Patients at one Kentuckiana hospital in need of morphine for pain, got water instead. Now the investigation has one employee in hot water.

You'll hear from a gold medalist in Louisville who knows Clark Burckle well. The St. Xavier grad went for the gold tonight in the 100 meter breaststroke.

The sizzle remains in our forecast from the WAVE 3 Storm Center.

And of course, some Olympic highlights you may have missed.

We will see you after Bob Costas signs off from London!

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