Henryville Cafe reopens after tornado

HENRYVILLE, IN (WAVE) – On March 2, Budroe's Café stopped taking orders.

Sherman Sykes said, "We got everybody down in the basement, felt it go boom." A killer tornado changed their lives, "And I said, well she's gone. Then, I came back up and opened that door and saw that bus. I never expected to see a bus in my restaurant."

After that day came the rebuilding process, now 5 months later, the family owned business has a new name.

Sykes explained, "It was just Budroe's, I changed it to Budroe's Bus Stop, because that bus pulled in here and stopped."

The stop doesn't have a shortage of customers.

The reopening of the business speaks further than the food, it is a message about the people of Henryville.

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