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WAVE 3 Editorial – August 7, 2012: Editorial Feedback

By Ken Selvaggi
WAVE 3 Vice President and General Manager

Our "Free Speech" editorial received plenty of feedback.

Carolyn Smith emailed: "I find it appalling and very narrow-minded that some groups are refusing to acknowledge opinions that disagree with their own, even though they are always demanding tolerance for themselves… I certainly hope that the University of Louisville will carefully consider what their actions are on this."

Carla Lochner emailed: "Let's get along and express our opinions with our pocket books, not sanctions."

And James Welch emailed: "If we don't want to support a business because of certain beliefs, that's fine, but don't take away our freedom to choose."

Regarding our "Taxing Medal Winners" editorial, David Taylor emailed: "I do not agree with you on the free tax for Olympic Medal Winners. Most, if not all of them come from well to do families in the first place. They are not hurting for money."

Michael Mundy emailed: "The men and women in our military train most of their lives to defend our country. They sacrifice time away from their families, lifetime injuries and even with their lives. These men and women make less money in a year than a gold medal winner makes for winning. If the Olympians shouldn't be taxed for their winnings, then the military men and women shouldn't be taxed for their joke of a salary they make for defending our country."

And Patricia emailed: "I think the money should be taxed because everyone who wins money or prizes has to pay tax.  The medals should not be taxed."

We appreciate all of your feedback.   

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