Shouse juror speaks; Double shooting; Wildcat fans not ready for football

It's another night of exciting Olympic competition. Are you watching??

I know I can't take my eyes off the TV!  Someone asked me earlier tonight on Facebook what I'm going to do when the Olympics are over, and honestly I don't know.  We will go back to WAVE 3 News at 11 being on at its normal time.  For now, I'll take the competition and then you can join Scott Reynolds and me at midnight.

I was just talking to WAVE 3's Matt McCutcheon about the jury's recommended sentence for Mollie Shouse, convicted today of wanton murder in her son's death in her car.  One of the jurors had some interesting things to say about how they came up with the number of years they recommended she spend in prison and Kenton Brown was definitely on their minds.

It was a terrible twist in Louisville tonight: police had to leave a National Night Out Against Crime event to investigate the shooting of two peopleWAVE 3's Jaimie Weiss talks to police and frustrated neighbors.

And, some University of Kentucky fans are not anxious to head out to the Governor's Cup, now just a few weeks away.  We'll tell you about the advantage they're giving to their rivals, The University of Louisville.

Plus, WAVE 3 Chief Meteorologist Kevin Harned says break out the jackets … just kidding, it's not going to be that cold, but he did just tell me we're going to see the coolest weather we've seen in months.  He'll tell you what we can expect for the end of the week,

We'll see you after the Olympics for WAVE 3 News!

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